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Shake & Vibration


Want to learn more about our upcoming Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification? 

Welcome to our Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification, a program that systematically explores the intricate interplay between neurophysiology, fascial dynamics and movement patterns. This comprehensive curriculum provides participants with a deep understanding of how fascia, the body's complex connective tissue, plays a pivotal role in both movement function and the storage of traumatic memories in addition to experiential and hands-on exploration of esoteric medicine approaches to feeling the invisible world through the soma. Our certification equips individuals with the scientific knowledge and practical expertise necessary to address and alleviate the impact of fascial restrictions on the nervous system and journey of sustainable emotional healing with experiential and hands-on applications. 

This program enables participants to explore fascia as a a proprioceptive organ, influencing movement patterns and joint mobility while being inextricably connected to our innate processing of emotion. Focusing on neuroplasticity and the somatic experience, our certification prepares practitioners to guide clients through targeted somatic movement practices that facilitate the release of stored trauma within the fascial matrix. This scientific approach enhances practitioners' ability to reset the nervous system, positioning them to offer specialized services that address the intricate relationship between fascia, stored emotional experience, and somatic well-being. Elevate your expertise and career by enrolling in our Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification, where the energetic world collides with the physical to support sustainable healing and embodiment of all human beings.