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Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification

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What is It?

Welcome to our Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification, a program that systematically explores the intricate interplay between neurophysiology, fascial dynamics and movement patterns. This comprehensive curriculum provides participants with a deep understanding of how fascia, the body's complex connective tissue, plays a pivotal role in both movement function and the storage of traumatic memories in addition to experiential and hands-on exploration of esoteric medicine approaches to feeling the invisible world through the soma. Our certification equips individuals with the scientific knowledge and practical expertise necessary to address and alleviate the impact of fascial restrictions on the nervous system and journey of sustainable emotional healing with experiential and hands-on applications. 

This program enables participants to explore fascia as a a proprioceptive organ, influencing movement patterns and joint mobility while being inextricably connected to our innate processing of emotion. Focusing on neuroplasticity and the somatic experience, our certification prepares practitioners to guide clients through targeted somatic movement practices that facilitate the release of stored trauma within the fascial matrix. This scientific approach enhances practitioners' ability to reset the nervous system, positioning them to offer specialized services that address the intricate relationship between fascia, stored emotional experience, and somatic well-being. Elevate your expertise and career by enrolling in our Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification, where the energetic world collides with the physical to support sustainable healing and embodiment of all human beings. 




How Long Does Training Take?

Training is broken into Online Modules and an In-Person Graduation Module. Training will be held through interactive webinar lecture. All lectures will be held live and the recording will be posted within 24 hours of recording. Online content begins 9/1 at 10am PST. Webinar lectures will occur weekly. You will select the graduation module that best suits your geographic and date restrictions. In-Person module is 3 days and will include demonstration, hands-on practicum, client case studies and assessment test. Diplomas to be handed out on site during graduation. 


What to expect during In-Person Graduation Module?

Certification is a life-changing experience. You’ll work hard, push yourself through physical and emotional barriers and connect with other students who will become lifelong friends. Training days run approximately 10 hours depending on the group size. Your training fee includes all online modules over 4 months that prepare you for your in-person training covering final assessment, practicum and demonstration. You will be expected to the cumulative knowledge of the entire 4 month online modules on the first day of training.  Every trainee will be required to complete an assessment test, client case study, and demonstration following the specific guidelines and rubric presented in training.

 Come prepared to work hard. Bring hydration and snacks to keep your energy up. Bring your own yoga mat as some studios do not offer mat rentals. We do suggest bringing multiple changes of clothes as you will likely look like you went for a swim after the first Master Class. Prepare to close out the portal of learning that has been open for months as you build lasting relationships with fellow students and embark on a journey to establish your business. 


The Somatic Movement Practitioner Certification is $1,599. We have partnered with Affirm to offer up to 0% APR financing for those who qualify. Affirm will assume responsibility for collecting installments. All Affirm order will be documented as paid in full at the time of purchase and are non refundable.  If your application is rejected by Affirm, we will set up a custom payment plan with you to be sure you can attend. We do ask that you try through Affirm first. We will check your application status and need to see it as rejected before we can set up a custom invoice. Please email: if your application has been rejected and you need a custom invoice. 

Certification does require the signing of a license agreement and a monthly Instructor Tools fee to keep your certification active. License Agreements are sent out to you before your training through SignEasy. This agreement protects the format and all the hardworking, passionate individuals who teach it to ensure people don’t go around copying what we do. In that way, it protects the value of what you’re investing in through training. 

Your monthly fee can be paid quarterly or annually at a discount. It includes access to our entire video streaming platform (for non-instructors typically $39.99) with over 600 full length workouts and monthly instructor tools to keep you inspired, learning about new music and building progression in your teaching. If you're already paying for Instructor Tools for another Buti® format, no need to do it again - you're covered. If you let your Instructor Tools fee lapse - no big deal - you can always rejoin at any time. Just keep in mind that when your fee lapses, so does your certification. As long as you are not teaching at that time, you’re in good standing. Just be sure to reactivate when you are actively teaching. But let’s be honest - even if you’re not, we know you want the discount on the Buti workouts online. 

Training Times + Location Details

Online Training links and portal information will be shared to the email you signed up for training 2 weeks prior to 9/1. In-Person trainings start at 8am unless specifically noted in your training specific email. Emails are sent with training location details and announcements 2 weeks before your In-Person Graduation training. You’ll receive an immediate email confirmation as well right after your purchase with the address and studio name along with a few helpful reminders to prepare for your training. Training days typically end between 6-8pm depending on how many people are in your training Locations are subject to change*

  • Atlanta GA - The Fitness Collective ATL, 5819 Campbellton Road, #108 Atlanta, GA 30331
  • Sandpoint ID - HomeBase aka Buti HQ, 400 Church St, Sandpoint, ID 83864
  • Scottsdale AZ - Synergy Center, 7432 E Tierra Buena Ln UNIT 201, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  • Kona (Waikoloa) HI - Yoga Barre Hawaii, 69-201 Waikoloa Beach Drive, D1, Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738
  • Burlington VT - Williston Hot Yoga,135 Allen Brook Lane, Williston, VT 05495


  • Atlanta GA - The Fitness Collective ATL, 5819 Campbellton Road, #108 Atlanta, GA 30331
  • Sandpoint ID - HomeBase aka Buti HQ, 400 Church St, Sandpoint, ID 83864 
  • Scottsdale AZ - Synergy Center, 7432 E Tierra Buena Ln UNIT 201, Scottsdale, AZ 85260