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Deep Certification

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What Is Deep?

DEEP by Buti® is a restorative movement sequence that utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to connect mind to muscle and catalyze vibrational change on a cellular level. Unlike other Buti® formats, DEEP is low-impact and focuses on micro-movements paired with physical touch to connect the brain to innervated muscle tissue, restructuring the deep core. DEEP is designed to prevent injury, restore muscle innervation and assist in the recovery of bladder/ uterine prolapse and diastasis recti. The class structure also includes self-massage and pressure point activation to release muscles during deep restorative asanas. Class duration ranges 60-90 minutes including a 7 minute meditation. Training covers in-depth anatomy and physiology pertaining to bony landmarks as well as anatomy in motion. Sequencing, hand placements, pressure points, nervous system, fascia and meridians are all covered throughout the training materials. 



Who Is This Training For?

This certification is ideal for yoga and fitness instructors, pelvic floor therapists, physical therapists and other somatic-based movement practitioners. Training covers in-depth anatomy and physiology concepts in addition to practical movement applications, hand positioning and injury site-specific protocols. This certification can be utilized in group or individual settings for a variety of populations. No previous knowledge is required however we do encourage you to practice Deep with us online 3-4 times per week leading up to your training. This helps you establish muscle memory ahead of your certification. 


What to Expect During Training?

Certification is a life-changing experience. You’ll work hard, push yourself through physical and emotional barriers and connect with other students who will become lifelong friends. Training days run approximately 10 hours depending on the group size. Your training fee includes an online module that prepares you for your in-person training covering individual pose alignment, modifications and form checkpoints. You will be expected to know these form alignments on the first day of training. In-person training hours will be focused on movement anatomy, sequencing and demonstration. The second day of training we move into our demonstration and feedback portion. Every trainee will be required to do a class demonstration and create an individual protocol for a case study client following the specific guidelines and rubric presented in training. 

Come prepared to work hard. Bring hydration and snacks to keep your energy up. Bring your own yoga mat as some studios do not offer mat rentals. We do suggest bringing multiple changes of clothes as you will likely look like you went for a swim after the first Master Class. Be ready to be open, connect with your fellow teacher trainees and embark on a new phase of your journey that will most certainly change the rest of your life. Welcome HOME. You belong here. 



DEEP by Buti® trainings are now $750. We have partnered with Affirm to offer up to 0% APR financing for those who qualify. If your application is rejected by Affirm, we will set up a custom payment plan with you to be sure you can attend. We do ask that you try through Affirm first. We will check your application status and need to see it as rejected before we can set up a custom invoice. Please email: if your application has been rejected and you need a custom invoice. 

Certification does require the signing of a license agreement and a monthly Instructor Tools fee to keep your certification active. License Agreements are sent out to you before your training through SignEasy. This agreement protects the format and all the hardworking, passionate individuals who teach it to ensure people don’t go around copying what we do. In that way, it protects the value of what you’re investing in through training. 

Your monthly fee can be paid quarterly or annually at a discount. It includes access to our entire video streaming platform (for non-instructors typically $39.99) with over 600 full length workouts and monthly instructor tools to keep you inspired, learning about new music and building progression in your teaching. Already have Instructor Tools with us through another one of our formats? Great - you won't need to add on, you're covered! If you let your Instructor Tools fee lapse - no big deal - you can always rejoin at any time. Just keep in mind that when your fee lapses, so does your certification. As long as you are not teaching at that time, you’re in good standing. Just be sure to reactivate when you are actively teaching. But let’s be honest - even if you’re not, we know you want the discount on the Buti workouts online.